Amanda in the snow!

these images are my first properly developed and scanned roll of fancy film. Fugichrome Velvia 100. I love the colors!

It has been the snowiest winter EVER over here in Boston. And i sort of love it! the city turns into a whole new place when its covered in snow! Everything is quiet and people look more like blobs than people. I am really going to miss it when i elope to a warmer climate and move to virginia in june... :(!


  1. i seriously love your blog! your pictures are always so cute and you do fun things :) so so jealous of the snow!


  2. you have such a lovely style of photography, some of these snow pictures are so beautiful!

  3. love the photos...and her jacket! I know what you mean about the snow...it's sort of pretty. But lucky for you, it doesn't last for 5 months + sub zero temps!