i dont have much for you today

I am exhausted already and i've only been in school for two days. WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT THE REST OF THE SEMESTER. I worked hard all day yesterday and on my way out the door to Goodwill right now. i should have pictures back tomorrow and tonight I will finish Dainty in Denim. but for now all i have is this photo of the map Ry gave me for christmas so we can plan and route our travels this summer and forever.

talk to yall soon!


  1. oh lades, i understand the school woes. it can seem insurmountable, so much homework was the thing that always time sucked for me. hope it improves and at least you can stare at your map knowing summer travels aren't that far away! ♥

  2. love the map! michael gave me a vintage one last year we have up in our room, they're so pretty. and trips are the besssttt.