okay okay..

I've only recently come to the conclusion that i have been shooting loads and loads of film during the past 5 years or so. And most of it was made pre-blog! i want to rejuvenate these, starting at the very beginning!

Roll One!

Roll... I dont remember anything other than my first, these were reallly early though!

HEY and thanks ladies who posted on my "give me books to read" post.



  1. You're welcome! :)
    What kind of camera do you use? Do you shoot 35mm or medium format?

  2. alll of these in this post and most posts are 35mm. If they are 120 I will call them that.

    I;ve been shooting (for the past 5 years) on many different bodies, right now i have a nikkormat with a vivitar wide angle lens!

  3. hey hey fyi- your photos are super pretty ALL the time! andddd you have made me bring out my mom's old film camera that i haven't used in over a year and i'm super excited about it!