Im going to miss the internet

For the next few days, I'll be semi-MIA because i'll be down deep in TEXAS with my music boys at SXSW. check out the FACEBOOK PAGE to see when we play.

Anyway, im packing and leaving RIGHT NOW but i have pictures from my birthday party! I started using a flash which sort of didnt work but still did? You'll see!

it was a really wonderful night! anyway, i'll hve a TON of photos from austin. im sure. Have a great weekend!!


  1. The last photo is so so beautiful! You and Lilah are both so gorgeous! I wish I could've been at your party, but I was in good ol Virginny. Hope you're having fun in Texas!

  2. best blog title


  3. Ooh have fun! I would love to go to SXSW someday. Actually, I would love to move to Austin! It sounds like a really cool town. Hope your trip goes well (actually since I'm reading this like a month late, you're already back... so... hope you had a great trip!). Lol.