monday madness!


after 5 days in hibernation, I AM ALIVE and crazy. ha. lets see, my best friend matthew is here from virginia, hes been here since weds. we've been together for years and i love him. he is full of knowledge and he lit the adventure flame in me long ago that burns very bright today! he is here for an urban planning conference and hes about to graduate with his MASTERS in urban design! SMART GUY. he will be my bread winner. bah ha. ryan and I are actually moving to virginia this summer for a few years so we can spend some serious time with him before departing to our city of choice. i'll be running the vintage shop and handmade book shop within our virginia apartment and we will be a family. it will be fabulous.

ohh my boys!


  1. casimir pulaski?!! where / what ? <3 kendall

  2. Hej! Maybe you can tell me what book is he looking at? Seems like it deals about stereoscopy. I finished a handmade project about that last semester and am quiet curious about it!

    I just love your books, can't wait for the new ones for your shop! Especially the little white one with the pink flowers is soooo pretty! Did bind some books too, but never tried a cover in such soft fabric! So lovely!

  3. That is great. You sure seem like you´re having a great time together. :) Cheers***