cape cod in film

after graduation, ryan and i found a day to spend together. we drove my new car, (i've named her ruth) to cape cod. we stopped in 4 different towns seeing free sights and climbing towers and sniffing flowers. Ryan surprised me and took me to a lavender farm. he told me he was taking me to peep at tom brady's house. haha. it was a really beautiful day. i love days like that. it left me feeling very sleepy and very loved!

also, i have a light leak. aughh. they look pretty but that mostly means im going to have to find a new camera soon. I AM BROKE AS A JOKE.

this adventuring itch we always have is only being intensified because we are in the process of finding someone to take our apartment here in boston for the remainder of the lease. we might leave at any moment! and there are so many wonderful things we havent done that we want to do before we move south.

summer is off to a good start!


  1. Ahh the double-edged light leak sword! But they look ever so pretty! This looks like a very beautiful day indeed.

  2. I agree with Soph and these are gorgeous. I want to go to Cape Cod so bad!

  3. Gorgeous photos. If you take your camera to a repair shop, it should only be about $75 to fix. Good luck!

  4. Oh man! Absolutely gorgeous photos. And I love your outfit here. I feel like you should do outfit posts. ;)

    Bummer about your camera. Yep, it looks lovely, but I know what you mean about how it's just a symptom of needing a new camera. Good luck! xo