The Goodbye Party


i have SO much stuff to show and talk about so i'm starting back at our goodbye party. i had the most amazing time because everyone who made an impact on my life these past few years came to say goodbye and wish us luck. i had them all take instax photos with us and write letters to us that we read on the ride to virginia. it was so special. we've made so many good friends and memories in boston/allston and im excited to keep them growing for a long long time!

miss it so much! but things here and finally becoming untangled. more on that later! i'll post an amazing goodbye MIX by aaron brown later on today that we listened to on the drive out of the city. <33

big changes. biggest changes.


  1. Beautiful photos, as always! And I love that black crochet capelet you are wearing! Good luck in your new home. I'm sure it's rough leaving so many amazing friends.

  2. Aw, beautiful pictures and what a sweet party! I can't imagine how hard it was to leave your friends, but how exciting it is to be in your new place!!! I hope y'all keep your friendships alive and hopping. :D

    Also? I love your party hair and outfit, so cute!

  3. Amazing pictures..again… :) I know the feeling of saying goodbye ad it´s not pleasant, but I trust that with the new adventures you will be having you´ll soon make new interesting friends. :)

  4. Such a gorgeous post. Your going away party looks so sweet.

    Looking forward to your moving mix...