summer slice

redscale film, its kind of weird but its still lovely!

i'm getting ready for a trip this week! on wednesday, caleb is coming down to virginia and we're hopping into my car and driving to greensboro, NC to pick up my friend allie. from there, we're headed to plain city, OH for the wedding of new friends of mine, DAN and SONJA (future) LYON. be prepared, i've been hired as the wedding photographer (!!!!!!) so there will be many many good things coming to this blog soon. also, of course you'll get the run down of the trip with photos everyday. the whole trip will last a week!

getting ready getting ready getting ready....


  1. wow lady! these are fantastic! I never thought to use colorscale film - i'll have to keep it in mind next time i buy film!

  2. That sounds great, Honey, enjoy it and have a wonderful time!

  3. I adore these pictures! So vintage and pretty. LOVE!
    Have a fun trip!

  4. It sounds like you're going to have so much fun!! Good luck as the photographer. I can't wait to see you photographs.