August Inspiration: Christian Agha!

as i slowly begin to establish myself in a familiar place with no familiar faces... I've been doing my best to make a few friends. This one in particular is super special because we've decided to collaborate! so meet my newest photo buddy Christian Agha!

photographer extraordinar! this guys shoots with a seriously exceptional eye for color, light, and personality! i am SO excited to be working with him on my digital adventures!!! PLEASE check his lovelyyyy work out on his WEBSITE! so lets take a look.... BTW i dont know any of these people but i am LOVING the images and im excited about maybe meeting them soon!!

i have happy happy eyes!!


  1. congrats on your wedding pics - I'm lovin' the details, you submit it to a wedding design blog for some marketing! And this guys work is awesome, congrats on having a collaboration project with him, that sounds so awesome!

  2. oh wow, agreed! Those are such lovely pictures, sounds like an awesome friend to have made :)