I would if I could.. + Ryan looking handsome.

ladies! ladies! and some gentlemen too?? I'm doing a feature on my blog starting RIGHT NOW called "I would if I could". Its basically a bunch of things I see/saw while thrifting or junking or antiquing... and cant afford to get // dont have any room for // would feel super guilty for purchasing...but they are usually some very interesting pieces nonetheless. SO.. heres a mini post of goodies down at the DAV thrift on tuesday!! followed by a photo or Ry guy and Gurdie the birdie and a few flea market ready-to-sells.


  1. Great idea! I've taken a few pictures like that myself because it's less painful to leave things behind if I have a memento of our moments together...

    Also, yes, very handsome indeed :)

  2. I spy a polka dot dress. Now I wish I would've bought it too! You're not alone.

  3. ooo!! that hanging lamp. so bohemian. loveeee it. i really dig the idea of documenting your self control. i may try it.