One Week of Business!!!

Well, It came and went.. it conquered and went amazingly smooth! This first week felt like a surreal dream, people coming from all around the 7 cities to visit the one of a kind shop in this area. With every new face and customer, my heart would swell! And I cant thank you bloggers enough for posting things about the shop and leaving the KINDEST comments, :) you all are my inspirations!!! I only hope that if you have any questions or ideas or want to be apart of my shop here, please contact me! I want the shop to be about our specific community of creative and innovative lifestyles and help others find little secrets into making their lives a little richer with art, treasures, creativity, and an inspiring artistic community.

So, now that the shop is open.. I will have more time to blog.. but I dont really know what to blog about (as far as the shop goes)... so I'm just going to give a little info about how my first week went.. The shop is only open from Thursday to Sunday so I have three days to restock and have a home life and get errands done. I think, on average, I will be working on/in/with the shop about 60 hours a week (including restock day, and working on marketing things..) The shop is tiny enough that I am the lone lady in charge of getting everything done and ready for each day. The first week of business went amazing! With little to no downtime last weekend, I have sold nearly 150 items in my first 6 days of being open (which is such an amazing blessing), and now that things have begun to slow down a wee bit, I've got some time to reflect...(and sleep, heh)

I havent had the chance to mention that a few days before the opening, Ryan and I moved into the area where my shop is located. We are FINALLY living in our own space within walking/bike riding distance to our jobs and I'm just now getting around to unpacking and decorating the new place. I cant wait to show pictures! Its so spacious with TWO PORCHES and a kitchen with a door and window to open to let the evening breeze blow in.. i am in LOVE with it.

I need to catch up on SO MANY POSTS here. Hopefully I'll get another done in the next hour or so. 



  1. How wonderful! Congratulations on your success! That is amazing!

    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your next few posts.


  2. new shop andddd new home?? you're hardcore! i'm impressed!

  3. wow your life sounds like its at such an amazing place right now! thanks for sharing, i feel inspired. I want to visit your store one day!