A New England Greeting!

Well, We're on a massive road trip right now and we've made it to our first destination... South Shore Massachusetts. We've been having a pretty awesome time so far, sunday and monday were our first two days. they consisted of a graduation party for ryan's little sister and a day on Cape Cod hunting for treasures and eating seafood. The trip started really wonky with problem after problem after problem.. I was beginning to think the universe didnt want us to go! BUT it turns out by having those little push backs, we're saved like 500$ on a rental car and skipped a massive traffic day. SO, all is well! Today we are heading into Boston (<3) to see some friends and eat at my favorite places. I get to see my handsome and hilarious JIMMY! as well as roaming around my favorite parts of town. Im really excited today! Here are phone photos from the past few days (traveling and exploring). Im working on a little video right now :) How are YOUR summers unfolding?


  1. love that little house!

    gah. beautiful pictures, of course.

  2. looks like so much fun already! have a lovely, safe trip. xo

  3. Wow, it is so beautiful there! The flowers, your dresses, eek! So cute.

  4. Wonderful photos. His beard is epic.

    Loving your blog girl.