Lancaster and Paige

After a wondrous week in MA, we headed to our next destination.... Lancaster PA. Guys. It was awesome there. So quaint and adorable and relatable. Fresh markets all over the place and horse and buggys riding along side you. CRAZY. But amazing. We met up with my cutie friend and Lav and Lace shopper Paige! She goes to school in Norfolk but lives in PA so I gave her the heads up we were coming and she hung out with us for the day! Downtown was REALLY awesome with so many cool shops and like 4 vintage shops within a few mile radius. Plus, their Central Market is the oldest running farmer's market and it is full of the tastiest of treats. If you ever visit, plan on getting up early and hitting the market before all the other shops.. it gets busy in there! I bought a few jams and a jar of beets, some flowers and whoopee pies (i honestly have no idea how that is spelled and it isn't worth it to me to look it up) haha! Paige was an awesome host, taking us to all her favorite spots. in these photos, you see the central market, Stan's Records, Hinesite Vintage, and Mamalicious Vintage. Enjoy!

SERIOUSLY, Lancaster is the perfect little place to spend a weekend or two! :)


  1. umm..I want to go to there. the photo of the dried flowers is so gorgeous!

  2. adorable photos!


  3. LOVE these photos. Looks like so much fun!