our little holiday week.

Its been marvelous, having time to spend sitting alone reading or hanging out with Ryan before/after our work hours. I've been trying really hard this year to keep life slow and enriched with happy holiday feelings. I wanted to savor it and give myself something to remember and take with me for the rest of the year. Whether its the radiator hiss or the uncountable amount of cookies I end up making..(something I dont mind much).. to having to hide every single present and it's evidence to keep ryan from even being able to snoop around.. I hope we are starting something that helps me to get into the spirit long before stores or music begin to hint at the holiday feelings. I want it to be ours in some way.

Well, this day really was something special. Slow with tradition, lazy and filled with pretty new things. I miss my Ryan, he took a train to Boston yesterday... but time alone is just as well. This life is good! Happy Holidays!


  1. such an inspiring bunch of photos. your blog is always such a treat. merry christmas, miss.

  2. I know this post is all about the holidays but all I can think about is how perfect your hair is...so gorgeous in every post, jeez girl!

  3. Ahh, I love your photography and beautiful life!
    Your hair is just stunning! Love the vintage curls.