Valentine's Day!

So, some of you know that I own a shop called With Lavender and Lace Vintage in Norfolk, Va. Im in the midst of getting a new blog face together with a rad "about me" section where I explain all about it. Anyway, yesterday.. another local business called Kitsch Va (everything is handmade in VA) and I collaborated on a shoot. They brought the jewelry and did some product photos, I shot some too and made a video! All clothing is from my shop and most of the accessories are from Kitsch! Enjoy the video, let me know what ya think! <3



  1. Cutest little video, and such great photos! They are so romantic and sweet... but not in the way that makes you want to puke rainbows and glitter.


  2. That video was adorable! I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day (relationships and I don't play well together), but I can totally get behind a group of adorable girls dressed in perfectly dreamy vintage celebrating the holiday.

    Also, I would love to hear more about what it's like to own a vintage shop. I've just started selling on easy, but running a brick and mortar store would be such a dream.