March is for music.. Logan Vath!

So many of my buddies are swimming and thriving in their own music projects right now. My magical song brother, LOGAN VATH happens to be releasing his very first album later on this week. This guy is just the coolest. We met at a house show last summer and it's been sweet hilarious music friend love ever since. His voice is like butter on bread, like whiskey in your ginger ale. It's what shocks you and enchants you and if you ever get the chance to see him in real life.. watch out. You may suffer from a smidgen of lovesickness. His tunes can do that to ya. amazing photos by Troy Curry Photography anyway, if you are around this weekend, I'm singing a song or two with him at the Jewish Mother Backstage on Saturday evening. A few other friends are opening for him that night.. so much of my favorite music in one place! You can find Logan's newest releases off his new record HERE! I sing harmonies on this song.... WAY TO GO LOGANNNNN <3

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