giving a few things

My goal here is to give you a few things about what is happening with me. This will be very very stream of consciousnessy .. Im wild, like always. SXSW was a lot of talking so since I've been back, Im a little on the quieter side.. that PLUS Im working on two different projects in NORFOLK pertaining to the potential NORFOLK Arts District AND this awesome thing that is happening in our city next weekend called BETTER BLOCK. I know all of these are just words but one day they will be pictures and events and flyers and friends but until then I am on the back end of a them trying to finish all of my bow tying. I've lost it for ranunculus flowers. No I mean it, I've lost it. I drove so far out of the way today to buy way too many bunched of them along with coconut chips and marinated mushrooms (I am so WEIRD right now) haha. I played two shows against my own will in the past two weeks in hopes that I might get better at performing and stop sweating all day before each one. Its incredibly hard to pull off, some folks do it so well. Though the music seems to be having some kind of effect on my friends.. So i'll keep at it. My sister bought me these amazing little red swedish hasbeen sandals for my 24th birthday and until now, the only other pair I have was my most prized possession... now they are just a memory.. these are a dream. in bed. errands in the morning. water bill. rent (oops). more tax prep. mail off packages. cash check. sit in the sun outside the shop. <3


  1. Those are my favorite flowers! Good luck with all your errands! You can do it....

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. ahh, the shoes and flowers, so sweet--love it. and tax prepping over here still too. i am in no way a procrastinator, so how am i so late in the game on this?...

  3. i absolutely love the last shot! the flowers are so perfect.. as are the red shoes!

    lindsey louise


  4. I'm so very glad you are here in Norfolk and invested with what downtown is evolving into!

  5. looooove the new blog design - truly lovely.