sweet on sunday

Thie weekend was slow and sweet. I really appreciate pockets of days that are filled with plans but feel like they move slowly. It is kind of a rarity but this weekend was one of them. Work all day yesterday, then an amazing show (i'll blog THAT later).. Work today, phone case construction, baby photos, band practice and then I treated myself to froyo (mostly toppings). Im listening to a new novel (i finished TWO last week... what?!) It's the City of Bones series... Im into it so far. Anyone read them?

Tonight starts my 'weekend', I'm sitting under so many cozy blankets listening to the book and editing photos. Enjoying just being silent. In a bit i'll head out to hang out downtown with Ryan maybe grab a fancy drink. Tomorrow is nearly filled already.. dont you hate that? days off are never actually DAYS OFF.. they are days that are just for other things. errands, dishes, couch pickup, photo edits, dinner plans... this life is a full one! Hope your weekend was great! <3

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  1. sounds like a perfect weekend!
    i'm just counting down till fall so i too can hide under layers of blankets while drinking hot coffee - the Australian heat is even managing to take the joy out of coffee drinking! (oh the horror!)
    Cheray Natalie