winter haiku

This dress is a classic Kelsie dress. It's got my favorite 50's cut, button up and collar. I love dresses like these because I put little sweaters on top of them and they fit so comfy. here are a few other times I've worn this look.

notice the word "few" when in reality I do this constantly. these are just a few photos I found on my instagram from the past few months. This look is so easy to pull off and accessorize. I always find little pull over sweaters from the thrift, it's fun to match up the colors just right (top right^^) Today I'm rocking this awesome enamel two tone flower pin. Who says black and brown cant be worn together? This pin defies all the rules. At WL&L, we've got a bunch of great enamel pins that don't really sell in this area so I am thinking of keeping them all to myself. As for these shoes.. well I bought them on a whim. i dont really love them but i DO love the rubber bottoms. Thick and chunky and good for walking on snowy ground. I like the sides and the back of these babies but I hate the tops! I happen to find these sweet leg warmers at free people (20$). I didn't think I would ever be into leg warmers but these are JUST what I needed to push these weird shoes into something I am excited to be wearing. They keep me warm and take the shoes and transform them into secret boots! how fun fun fun.

WELL. going to new york tomorrow with my little lady family. Expect photos to follow! Hope your first week of March is sweet to you.

apartment and photo credit to - kelsey bethune.


  1. i love this post so much! i need to find some versatile sweaters to throw over dresses (by versatile I mean not cat or holiday themed ;)

    you're great— glad you're back to blogging <3

  2. Amazing post, loving your style!
    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo