on being wild, weird, and FREE

Im at the meatiest part of my day where I've gotten a ton done but the bulk of my projects are at a head and I have yet to begin. My desk is a mess, I ate an entire burrito (thanks MOE's Monday!) and I cant stop singing PHOX (look above/turn on your speakers). The weather is perfectly almost too hot, i got sweat all in my eyes while watering the shop garden today. Im wearing a dumpy tee shirt and weird shorts and Im totally okay with all of it. I haven't actually WRITTEN a blog post in a hott minute (yes, i say things like that) so here begin my ramblings and probable misspellings of JULY 7th 2014. If anyone reads this besides my future self I will be surprised but delighted non the less. Internet, you only know a smidgen of me. You only know the glossy cute girl who has cat eyes and a sassy lady bod always accompanied by a snug belt at my waistline. well, this girl is definitely a slice of my being.. essentially I create her from what I like and what I follow and what i swoon over. She is cool, I probably am a little cooler (guilty). If i could use emojis right now, I would use the one with the angel then a flower then like a volcano or something.

Now, I don't think about this TOO much because anything I think about TOO much becomes an obsession and turns me into a maniac but I do occasionally THINK about how odd it is that I brand myself as this person who is only 30% of who I am. I mean, I think it's understanding that reality and perception are separate warships that float in the same ocean but mine rarely meet up with each other, and everyone else has different oceans. Somewhere along this internet adventure, I met enough girls I was FANS of to see that they are only partially what they show. Everybody is just a body. Every girl has her issues of weird hair and never being able to find the right fitting bits of clothing. It just clicked one day that I didn't need to be comparing myself (if thats what I was doing, that or just lusting WAY too much) to these women who are, at their core selves, just like me. Weird and Wild and free to be (and show) what we want! I thinks its SO FUN and awesome to be able to build a brand around MYSELF and have it be whatever I want. Anyone can do it, so many wonderful women are! I'm doing it for any girl that feels like they never fit into any one genre or brand or idea. I'm doing it because it builds my shop up, it helps me connect to girls who want similar things, it invites collaborations and inspires new ways of thinking! (at least, that last bit will come with time)

Anyway, These are just recent thoughts about some reasons I'm doing what I am doing. I never discuss stuff like this with the world, just close friends.. but you all SHOULD be close friends. I want you to know more of me, this is my most recent goal.

Let's talk about this OUTFIT shall we? I've been leaning into this pin-upish style for a while, I'll never really take a full plunge, though, because I like to mess around in whatever feels most like me.. and some of this style just isnt! This circle skirt was thrifted along with the top and my scarf I pulled from the shop just for the photos. Flats are from super sale at Urban last summer, i need to invest in some new red shoes. THESE or THESE or THESE or THESE.

thanks for reading. (insert kissing emoji face) <3


  1. sassy eyeliner + hot bod + happy & weird & wild & free. love this and love YOU!

  2. You are AWESOME! Your personality definitely shines through your photographs :)