grad party! (image heavyyy)

woooo! my first week as a human has been awesme and very relaxing! today im just starting to get back into the groove of things and now im abotu to pay attention to this blog and the SHOP! I shot pictures of my books this morning for the handmade shop! so many things are happening and i just want to catch up from this past weekend...

then here are a few caleb took with his digital cam. they are so dreamy!

as you can see, the party was so wonderful! i am blessed with too many amazing people who love me and i dont deserve it! so excited to show more things!


  1. So wonderful to see how you can enjoy your free time now! Congrats also from me, I am still drowning into work! Time is running!

  2. Congratulations! Looks like a lovely party, I love that photo of your dad! Got me giggling, in a good way of course!

  3. You made me laugh so hard with the "my first week as a human" phrase in the beginning. Congratulations!! I've been there so I know how it feels. Great pictures! and thanks for joining the Blog Team :)