virginia rain

Hello Internet friends!!
Sorry for my recent delay in posts. This week has been long but wonderful. here are some highlights!!

-----Ryan got a new job!! He is now head sound engineer with The Virginia Stage Company. This has been the best development for him and I am SO thankful that he is happy!
-----This week I spent a ton of time working on handmade goodies. I've decided to work flea markets in the area and my first one was supposed to be yesterday but it rained! boo!
-----I began a detox diet thing to clear my system of junk. Its been a rough ride (I'm just not a dieter), BUT I have seen significant changes in my energy and moods. GOOD NEWS.
-----Yesterday, I had my first official girl day with a new friend Kari! We saw a movie, went to a cafe, made things, listened to stuff, and just were girls. It was special!
-----My friend Nate got the Fuji X100 digital camera and shot these photos of me today on a walk around our neighborhood! (thanks knate)

I guess thats it. haha. I suppose I need to get a part time job soon.. hmmm. WHAT have you guys been up to? drinking lots of pumpkin flavored things I bet. I love reading all the autumn posts right now!!

and here is a little bit of lovely footage from the camera. amazing yall!


  1. Sounds great! I am so happy for both of you! I am also planning changes in my diet, to get more energy! But it's pretty hard, maybe you let me know some of your secrets to achieve that! Hope this week will be as wonderful as your last one!

  2. WOOHOO! Awesome update. ^_^ For you both!!!

    Jen and I have been mostly celebrating our own family festivities - her birthday, our sister's birthday and our four year wedding anniversary!

    Now we're getting ready for Autumn! YAY! <3

  3. Awww that little video is just adorable and beautiful!
    Congrats on his job, that must be a great excitement :)

    I too love reading all the autumn posts, and I've even been craving everything pumpkin flavoured lately!

  4. great news for ryan. yay!
    and flea markets...consider me there.

    wanna do lunch on wednesday or something?

  5. I am loving the Micro 4/3 digital cameras... I have the Olympus Pen EPL-2 that I carry with me everywhere (so I can keep the big guns at home and save my back)... it's amazing. It doesn't look quite as analog as the Fuji X100, but it does have some analog charm (mine is the white model). LOVE it. Of course, you have been inspiring me to get out the Canon AE-1 and a few rolls of good old fashioned film! I miss having a lab in my town... they are almost all shut down, even for 35mm which makes me sad, as I used to work in ours. Sad day. Love these photos. You are so gorgeous!

    Also, I feel you on the diet thing. I am also trying my hand at it, and found I am a terrible dieter. Good luck!