i will miss you ariel! (plus goodbye video)

Well, She is gone! My baby lady ARIEL has moved to Nashville with a group of good people and friends from the past. I am so happy to see her grow and learn in a new place. She has been a very special friend to me since I moved here and opened my shop. We've really gotten to know each other in this short amount of time.. we've traveled to Boston, explored New England, spent NEW YEARS together! :) Sang in the rain, had numerous picnics and played music together. It's been SUCH A pleasure knowing you deary.. Cant wait to VISIT :)!

These photos were from her birthday last week.. we made scones in the morning and enjoyed each others company... after the photos you will find a special little video i put together for her farewell. If you've been following my blog for a while, you may recognize some of the footage from different events.. I almost never use video clips but all of them are so special to me and Im really happy to get to share them here. Enjoy!


  1. Those little cups are gorgeous!

    It's hard when friends move away, but at the same time it easily proves a friendship as one that'll stick! I had lots of friends move away for uni/college and I'm still friends with quite a few!


  2. love these pictures! that floral glass is beautiful...where's it from?xx