winding roads (virginia really is for lovers)

And the most magical adventure road award goes to... The Blue Ridge Parkway! It's this wonderful road you can ride on instead of the nearby highway JUST to see the beautiful mountains! there are dozens of look outs and we stopped at a few on our way to Nashville. This day was one of my favorite days on our trip. Ryan and I just took our time on the winding roads and soaked up the adventure. We took a bunch of photos and video that i'll probably treasure for the rest of forever. If you ever get the chance to travel on it, YOU GOTTA DO IT. :)


  1. Love these photos! looks like fun!

  2. these are gorgeous! it seems like travelling that parkway could be even more of an experience than the actual destination. hope you had fun in music city!

  3. Beautiful... breathtaking... thank you for sharing your perspective of the world. All your photos are just amazing.