how my foodie days happen.

this morning's spread. Things begin with me rummaging around in cabinets thinking "mayyyybeee i'll bake something?" So i find a few key ingredients...today's were one lemon and ginger root (my first ginger purchase, ever!)..now I needed a recipe. I was/am always thinking of making cookies first but gradually I am convinced that i shouldn't make cookies so early in the morning...scones will do. I visit my favorite food inspiration site www.tastespotting.com (or foodgawker.com) and enter my key ingredients into the search bar at the top on the page. I hunt for a while finding some really good ideas but most of the recipes are too complex or lengthy to make on the fly, I finally stumbled upon a simple lemon ginger scone recipe. Im not vegan, this was just simple and quick, perfect to whip up before getting ready to run out the door. Like most of the recipes I have been using lately, I've been altering slightly. I used half gluten free flour (needed to get ride of it) and the other half regular. I added a drop of lemon oil AND used vanilla coconut creamer instead of regular. I also gave them a little egg wash and tossed some golden sugar on top! (which is why they look like buiscuts, oh well o_0) Then I realized I had water boiling for a hot chai and made a quick pivot decision to use the yummy honey whiskey Ryan bought for me to make a hott toddy. I also had left over Juicy Ginger tea from the spring and a few slices of lemon. It was a good little morning treat (with added honey I picked up in Tennessee)

so, yeah. theres a little peak into how I whip up some cutey foods randomly. Its also pretty fun to see what I can come up with when I only have an hour or play time. :)


  1. Amazing! They look so yummy, maybe I'll try this recipe!

  2. This looks ridiculously delicious. And such a lovely little spread!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Yours is so lovely :)