travel journal

forgive the grain, all i have today is the ipad for photos. but this is a little travel journal I made for Ryan and I's grand adventure! it has taken me a while to whip everything into action but I am really happy with it. It was made from old postcards and instax photos from the trip. I have more empty pages because I had some instagrams printed and we are also planning a november trip for thanksgiving! I got the GENIUS idea from Miss Kara from I Just Might Explode. she is a superstar. really.

I'll be back soon! October had proved to be a great transition month two years in a row now. Now Virginia needs to learn to cool down, no more upper 80s PLEASE!


  1. kelsie-- i LOVE this idea. a great way to keep business cards from all those random shops you venture into on road trips. stealing...er, borrowing...this idea!

  2. I just adore this concept! I hoard tons of paper items from road trips and this would be a great use for them.