if i had another arm (catching up)

to blog post, or photograph inventory or arrange my home studio... If I had another leg to run all of my errands and to water my plants and to take me to the gym. If I had these things then all of my daily goals would MAYBE get closer to being achieved. but for now, you know, I am only a two armed, two legged silly sleepy woman. NOW back to my latest post! :) Things have been sweet this spring. The shop has been filled with unfamiliar faces and my junk shopping has been rewarding. Ive been working on a new project decorating iphone cases and getting the store ready for a big local arts festival in a few weeks. We're going to two weddings this month, both about 3.5-4 hours away. WILD! I cant believe it's May already, the weather hasn't been the greatest thing ever but I am happy not to be sweating all the time which is usually the case by now in VA. I'm excited to have Mother's Day off to spend with my small lady family.. they are great humans. I've been dreaming of getting a bike but I just cant squeeze the money to get one yet.. sometime soon. Thanks for reading along! anyone has awesome things happening this month? Graduations? Babies? Weddings? Parties? Picnics? also, a few weeks ago I launched a new site for my VINTAGE SHOP! You should check it out and let me know how it feels. It is easy to navigate? Sign up for our newsletter and you can get % off when we put clothes/flower crowns/house wares into the online shop! :)


  1. So great! Lovely items. Love the photographs, so dreamy!

  2. Site looks great! Hopefully I'll be popping into the Norfolk shop this weekend with my sister-and-law while she's in town! :D

  3. I love these photos! So many beautiful colors and such a beautiful girl!

    Kate from Clear the Way