dirty hair don't care, an outfit post

This outfit incorporates some things that I am currently into but wear not so often. Pencil skirts are always a classic route on most lady figures but I really have to work hard to find the right colors and fit to keep me from feeling like a weirdo-looking jelly bean. This skirt was donated to the shop (i think?) a year or so back. The color was perfect and the stretch is nice.. BUT HOW does it do on the bod?! I've only recently found that I love blowy crop tops with slim skirts to add a bit of shape and freedom to the shape. ALSO, i'm loving the button all the way to the top look that I'm seeing around, especially with a dang cute necklace. The shoes are so so sweet I love them and cant wait to bring them out when the real warmer weather comes to play with fancier dresses.. though I am slightly skeptical of how my WHITE legs will do against the lovely suede.. we shall see! Tell me how you wear pencil skirts! Do you like tight tops with your tight bottoms? or do you switch things up like I did here?!



  1. I'm a tucker-in-er when it comes to pencil skirts. I imagine it makes me look way taller than it probably does in reality, but I like it :) By the way, you are cute.

  2. i LOVE flowy tops with tight bottoms. one of my favorite trends. wish i had more flowy tops! i need to go on a thrift adventure so soon. also: lol at "a weirdo-looking jelly bean." also: your dirty hair makes me love you even more (this is day three for me w/out a hair wash alriiiiiiiight lookin fine).