shop life

SO. I own a shop. I haven't been around the blogging world for quite some time BUT since I am back and wanting to get serious about it again.. I really want to start sharing my life with you..(whoever you may be/myself in a few months when I forget that I posted this.) Okay. SHOP LIFE is weird and amazing and what I call my "WORK". I mean, it totally is work. So much work. But work I happen to love. I want to post once or so a week about the shop on here to give you a little insight to the seemingly daunting feat of shop owning. Today, I set out on getting a post up AND having one ready for tomorrow. I am paying bills, getting my sales taxes in order, shipping phone cases and cleaning. Each day I feel pressure from various parts of the shop.. whether it be money, appearance, online presence, bills being due, upcoming events/sales, managing products, SHOPPING, restocking things like bags/printed stuff/tags. The work is ever flowing. Sometimes it can feel really overwhelming (or at least if I let things get out of control (by being lazy or emotional(a few of my weaknesses))). BUT, here I am.. making it all work. Im really happy to have the shop and super excited to start sharing it on here with you!

In the next few weeks I hope to share---

•our opening story
•about the first shop
•our new shop story
•being open 2 years
•brand development
•my favorite parts
•my least favorite parts
•product development
•opening of the studio
•local support
•the difference between ME & WL&L
•the future of WL&L



  1. all kinds of awesome! tell the world more about your shop. we wanna hear :)

  2. You wear many hats, idiomatically and literally, lol! You amaze me with your multi-tasking skills, and how you manage to play it cool even when your brain is working overtime.

  3. I am thrilled to read more of your posts! You're incredible!

  4. wish i could visit your shop! it's adorable!

  5. I can't wait! Glad to see you are back to blogging!

  6. Looking forward to reading more about your shop life! :)


  7. really looking forward to those posts!

  8. Love this post! you're such an inspiration! <3
    last year i started my online shop (after years of procrastination!) & it's been so lovely to see someone making it work! your shop looks just gorgeous & i wish i could visit! it definitely makes me dream about one day having my own bricks & mortar store! For now i'll just keep on dreaming <3
    and i look forward to reading more about your journey
    Cheray Natalie