Ready for Spring, an outfit post.

Welp, this is literally my FOURTH outfit post ever. Ever ever. Im going to try and keep them going now though because they are fun and they are cool to create! Hopefully I can keep them interesting. Today's outfit brought to you by the glimmer of hope that was THE SUN and warmth today. Norfolk winters are usually pretty mild but this year was brutal.. and not quite over yet. This week we get some higher temps and some sunshine before we are back in the POLAR vortex next week. GUH. bring on the Spring time! (other outfit posts.. here, here & here)

This girl love sweets. Donuts shown.. Red Velvet. Peanut Butter Chocolate. Blueberry pancake with a maple/bacon frosting. Odoodle doos is this tiny donut shop in Suffolk, Va. Like 25 mins from us in Norfolk. Kelsey Bethune took all of the photos! Check out her blog! See ya tomorrow! (because I plan on posting until I can POST NO MORE) #workit


  1. Those red velvets are the best! Oh, and cute outfit. :)

  2. I love the name of that place, Odoodle doos', that's just so cute! The donuts look deliiiish


  3. werk it girl. you look beautiful as always. but next time i expect donut souvenirs to be left at the shop, preferably on a tuesday.

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