Monochrome Monday

Blue seems to be my color today. Without trying, I matched everything. Now, I cant lie to ya, this is not a typical "kelsie" outfit. I pulled inspiration from my friend Angel Graves and the rad Anthropologie emails i've been getting lately to create this look. I've always been a bit fearful of blazers. They make me feel so bulky sometimes always, I get really nervy and usually just throw on a cardigan instead before I leave the house. But, the blue matched so perfectly and Angel ALWAYS pulls off the blazer so I figured I'd give it a try. It went pretty well, I got a few "wow, Kelsie you look businessish today" comments which I appreciate. My own perception of me on a daily basis looks like a 12 year old girl or some kind of vintage inspired american girl doll. Not that these are my goals, it just happens that way. haha :P

Dress // Thrifted
Pendelton Blazer // Thrifted
Clogs // Swedish Hasbeens
Too big belt // Thrifted
Necklace // Anthropologie (gift from Angel)
Enamel Flower Brooch // With Lavender & Lace (shameless)

thanks Kelsey Bethune for the photos

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