a working woman

So what, I've worn this necklace in one.. no two other outfit posts. but it's amazing and I'm not going to say sorry. I feel like when i get ready to do one of these things I really try and get my head into the game. I feel all serious about it and dress myself up. Well, this outfit kind of came together on it's own. I'm continuously trying the BLAZER thing. this one is a magnificent deep teal velvet. I will keep it always.

This is me in the studio. looking every which way to catch the light on my face, tending to my wandering jew and rocking a banana clip. YES you saw and read that right. i love them and no one will take that from me.

Top // Dillards
Skirt // a thrift shop. I think it's like a choral skirt or something.
ABLAZER // thrifted
Necklace // anthro
Flats // ROSES. it's real, that place is a wild card x one billion but sometimes I seriously score.

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  1. adorable photos!!