flower blender outfit

So there was this wild azalea bush with all sorts of colored blooms.. I had to make an outfit for it! Wearing one of my favorite saucy summer bits, this 60's retro shift dress is completely polyester and amazing. It happens to hug me just right which isnt always the case for dresses like this one. I wore a big chunky brown belt, brown beads and of course my swedish hasbeens. You will always see them, they are my proudest moments wrapped up in a shoe that is completely me. Other than that, my hairs were really dirty and it was muggy as heck outside but I suppose the humidity of this place is completely comforting to me at this point. As long as it is under 80 degrees.. it can be as muggy as it wants to be. Dampness feels like home. Plus, my hair is always happily curling in weather that that. OH! I also posted a bunch of new phone cases and I used one for my outfit. It's called Beat Coast and you can buy it HERE..

anyway. So you KNOW i take photos all dang day long and I only get around to blogging like what.. once a week? I'm overflowing with imagery right now. I will probably get on here today and like post 4 separate posts from the past few weeks. My apologies, I know this isn't normal blogging tactic. OH WELL. i like making my own rules!

See you folks soon!

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  1. You're a fine lady. Go ahead and make your own rules! You're an inspirational unique lady and that's why I keep reading your blog!