Vanilla Petals Outfit

dress, belt // vintage
flats // urban outfitters last summer
necklace & sunnies // with lavender and lace

Hello SPRINGTIME. This wall was just WAY too good to pass up. I mean, check out that greenage! Not to mention, a lady stopped by to tell us that this plant in particular was covered in POISON THORNS. So I basically risked my life for all of you. HAHA Wow, I am selfless! GUYS I LIGHTENED MY HAIRS! Can you tell? I didn't bleach it, we just lightened it with the lightest dye there is! It took a few days to get used to, Im still working on getting my brows right and picking out lip colors to brighten my face. I know I've always been a girly girl but this hair takes it to like a whole new level! I've actually had a great time wearing much lighter and darker colors with the hair... It's all of the sudden become way funkier and bolder with either nearly blending into my outfit or like completely being opposite in lightness.

wham, bam, i'm a blonder ma'am.


  1. you look so gorgeous!!


  2. you are THE babeliest babe in the land. i love how you edit your photos, too -- positively dreamy! xo.

  3. You're beautiful! Love these dresses!

  4. those gold sunnies are to die for!!!! love this look.