a moving man

It's been a while! Who am I kidding, it's been like nearly three weeks. YOU know the drill. Shop keeping and flower case making and life living steal away so much time! Well, things are about to be changing for me.

My main squeeze is moving to New York this weekend. After 6 years living together, he's off to further explore his career in commercial theater. He is a sound engineer/designer for plays and has been running his own department at a local theater for the past 3 years. He's got solid contacts in the city and has some work lined this summer. I am super excited to see him take this step in his professional career.

It was a really crazy time trying to figure out where he should relocate to after his past season was up here in Norfolk. He found some work on the west coast, some in the south and a bunch in the north. In the end, we decided New York was best because he has the most ties there and he will be close to his family in Boston.

Since the city is just about 7 hours away driving or an even shorter china bus ride for 35$, I'll be traveling up once a month or so to see him. Taking adventures like this really help keep my mind clear and my eyes creating and brainstorming. I cant wait to see what happens when the city gets hold of him and pushes him into new directions.

I am pretty sad about him leaving but more excited for him than anything else. Everyone deserves to find their 'thing' in this life. I want to help him find his! I wonder (even when it's only a week away) what my life will be like without him around. I feel like this deep chest ache thinking about it but I also know it's not forever and I will probably enjoy more free time. Maybe I can even keep up with this blog! and start interacting with other bloggers! it all sounds amazing, lets see how it plays out!

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