I don't even mind that it's been so long! I've got loads to share and let's start here! Music stuff is in full swing finally. It's taken this long (25 years) to actually push myself into focusing on working out how to show, play, work and create it in a meaningful and fulfilling way. Many things are in the works for the next few months including my first ever full length album PLUS my pop band Lux Nova will be releasing an EP too! I just did an interview on a local radio show this weekend where I chat about a few things, I felt like it would be awesome to put here so you can see all my awkward musical ways and hear a bit about the shop and happenings in my life.

And if you're feeling like you want to just listen to the first song, Safeaway is available on my new Soundcloud!


  1. Good on you Kelsie! It seems it comes naturally to you to create beautiful toonz, I love this song and cannot wait to hear your full length album! What a wonderful new path you're on :)

  2. Good for you! It's tough sharing music. I've been playing and singing for a long time, and I still haven't shared!