A few things

Taking a page out of Kelsey Bethune's book...
EATING - loads and loads of soup.
DRINKING - too much coffee!
PRACTICING - folding tiny dresses and playing guitar..
SLEEPING - until 8am every morning. then snuggling alone for another hour in my pillow fortress while sipping cinni coffee.
PLAYING - loads & LOADS of electronic-infused girl jams. Highasakite, Farao, Emilie Nicolas, St Vincent, Tuneyards, Lilah Rose.
FINISHING - re listening to Kresley Cole's arcana chronicles.
WATCHING - sex and the city
WEARING - dark blue, purple, silver, black & grey
COOKING - eggs all the time!
WORKING - every day and every night, sometimes I'm in the studio until 1:30am!
WANTING - to use my time wisely and get as much work done as I can to save up for a trip to Greece in the springtime!

In other news, this week was my baby shop's THIRD birthday!! I am thrilled we made it this far and really excited about the future of WL&L. If you're a follower, I'm having a sale until tomorrow at midnight (Sunday Nov 9th) Save 6$ on all cases by using the code "withlavandcase" at checkout! Enjoy! SHOP HERE.


  1. Gorgeous photos! It sounds like you're busy, but saving up for Greece would be AMAZING!

  2. Goodness! Your cases are stunning!!