current adjustments

Hello 2015, you weirdo you! I've never met someone like you before, I can tell you're going to be an adventure and I'm a little freaked out by you but I know you mean well and hopefully we can laugh all of my nervousness off in a few months. As a not-so-bloggy blogger, I can say that it feels refreshing to be in the space right now. I'm going through some immense personal changes and having to rediscover many many many things about myself that have been lost to time or love or cracks in the pavement.

Since you (the blog) and I were last together in an intimate manor, many things have changed. Things have grown, things have broken and even some things have died. I wont lie to you about how strange my existence and personal life is right now but I will try to project the best parts and attempt to document the growth around it.

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  1. beautiful images. I hope everything goes well for you x