Hi World!

It's been a bit, I know.

I used to love this blog because it allowed me to visit myself in the past... It let me look back at my silliness and dreamy photographs whenever I forget the things I've done or the life I've lived apart from the immediate things I feel TODAY or the weeks surrounding today.
So, I've been thinking I'd like to get back to some semblance of that time before when I created a life outline of sorts. Even small bits of things are still enough to help spark my memory into remembering thoughts, ideas and moments that get lost in my cluttered and explorative mind. Though, I know blogging isn't particularly holding on very well through the influx of immediate gratification apps and with the tiny attention spans we've all got now but I think I'll do this for me! And for anyone who is a fan and who wants to see MORE because i always produce SO MUCH imagery and it just hides without the time to share it in the correct context.

I'm rambling and I think it's a good sign. I also have had a hard time blogging because I havent known what to SAY to you all or even to myself. I've been miserable this year with this freaking breakup and trying to hear my own heart over a mass of sad confusion and anxiety sounds that surround an extremely unpredictable future. While simultaneously pushing everyone away and pulling people close and freaking everyone and myself out the whole time. Alas, I am not totally sure I am healed today or that the weight is gone from me but I can say that right this very moment, I feel fine. And honestly, one day at a time of feeling fine or a MASSIVE step from weeks of being a puddle of grief in mourning.

So here I am with all my terrible writing and run-on sentences, bad punctuation but some skill at giving my readers insight to the very thoughts I am having as I sit here in the studio needing to be working on other projects but deciding it's time to SHARE something. With myself and with you.


  1. i completely relate to this! i'm trying to make my way back to blogging after months off, and i like it reading other bloggers' thoughts. these photos are also so beautiful. those flowers!
    looking forward to more posts!
    xx rebecca at staygoldrebecca.com

  2. Saw your phone cases in Yesterday's Heroes the other day! So cool to see your work here in RVA ^_^
    Glad you're working your way back to your blogging game!