polkadot dilly dally

So, I've always loved quirky brands that sell tons of weird fitting novelty print clothes that look amazing on tall waifish figures. ( i mean waifish as a lovely term, long legs, long torso, love everything) I, however do not fit that description. When I saw this babydoll dress over at The White Pepper last fall.. I had to snag it. Little did I know I would have purple hair making myself a little cotton candy sight a year later. I've only worn this dress a few times because it's dry clean only and the first time I wore it I sweat all over the place in it. HA. been airing it out ever since. #realtalk

This was the first time I wore it, on a beach in chicago during a massive transitional time in my life that im actually still encountering. I loved it then, though. Im liking it with the clogs better than the woodsy flats, what do you think? :)

I could just EAT these colors!

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