slices of summer into sections of autumn

I'm here, making the most lovely images of my life being broke but not broken and always hunting. My victories are small and my urges are smaller but I'm opening my eyes wide again for the first time in years. Years is such a funny word and an even sillier amount of time, seeing as we all know a year to be 1/28th of us or 1/60th of us or 1/18th of us because we've only experienced THAT much time alive. As we age, the years go quicker im finding. I don't loathe it, I just try to feel it and put my head down and diligently figure it as it should be coming to me.

I've changed my hair, learned some new flowers. Started working on my personal art practice again after 5 years away in retail. I'm making new cases, trying to deal with terrible loan debt and live rather minimally until I manage a strong footing again. I work part time on cases, part time as an artist assistant, part part time catering staff with Brut, part time photographer, part time designer and full time sass master. I'm thinking about moving and where I might want to go, what city needs me? what city do I need?

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  1. your pictures are such an inspiration, I missed them so much, hope everything goes well for you, money is always a problem, always a worry, but you are hardworker and talented person, sending you positive vibes!